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Everything you need to know about the entrance test

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Entrance testing for Binary Studio Academy 2022 will be available on one of the two proposed days - May 28th or 31st. These days, all registrants will access the test in their accounts on the Academy portal (Testing tab) from 9 AM to 9 PM EEST. You do not need to book a specific time or day of the test.

More about the test tasks

The test consists of 25 multiple choice questions, meaning you must choose the answer from the proposed options. There is only one answer correct in some questions, while in others - several. So read the conditions of each task carefully.

These questions aim to test your basic knowledge of the chosen programming language, layout, databases, and OOP principles. The QA entrance quiz tests knowledge of basic types and testing methods, test documentation, basics of HTML / CSS, and understanding of SDLC. By the way, you can get acquainted with the format of the questions by checking out our 2022 Training marathon.

The questions are equal and weigh equally in points. The questions on the first and second day of testing are similar in difficulty. Each programming language will have several options with different sets of questions.

How can you take the test?

The test can be taken only from the web. Access from mobile or tablet will not be available. The test takes 30 minutes. The questions must be answered one by one. You will not have the opportunity to skip the question and return to it later.

In addition, you can't leave the test page and switch to another tab: the system tracks such transitions and clicks outside the answer input field, and responds with cheat notifications.

We receive reports on the timing and number of such third-party conversions and clicks, and we can take this into account when evaluating your results. We strongly recommend disabling all programs and tools with pop-up windows in advance. If your mother wishes you success on WhatsApp or a friend drops a meme in a Messenger in the middle of the test, the system may consider it an extraneous click and react accordingly. The same goes for trying to take a screenshot. The questions will not require the dev tools, so do not use them during the test.

Passing score

The passing score for each track (JS, .NET, Mobile, or QA) may be different and change every year. It depends on the number of people who take the test and how well they do. The more people pass the test, the higher the passing score.

The maximum you can receive is 100 points. In previous years, the passing score ranged from 60 to 70. At this stage, we do not have clear criteria for the number of students who pass on. The next stage of selection (3 lectures and homework) will be available to all those who received a passing score and above.

Announcement of results

Testing is automated, but we take a few days to verify the results to make sure they are correct. The results will be available in the personal account on June 3rd.

After announcing the results for those who score enough points, the first lecture with homework for the second selection stage will be available in the personal account. Two more lectures will appear in your account later.

After completing the test, we do not publish the correct answers and analysis of questions since we may use some questions next year.

Rules of the test

Before the test, you will be provided with the rules of the test, but now please note the following:

  1. During the test, you are NOT allowed to use supporting materials, Google, take screenshots of questions, switch tabs, or open dev tools.

  2. The test question is confidential information that cannot be disclosed, provided to anyone, and published anywhere (including forums, editing, stack overflow, social media accounts, etc.).

  3. One participant can have only one account. Therefore, one person can take the test only once for one Academy. Duplicate accounts will be removed from the system, and cheats will be disqualified.

What to do if something goes wrong

During both days of testing, from 9 AM to 9 PM EEST, our support team will be in touch - you can write to us in the chat directly from the test page, and we will try to answer as soon as possible. If you plan to take the test after 6 PM or do not receive a prompt response - write to [email protected]. As soon as we get to the post office, we will investigate your issue.

Last preparations

There is still some time to prepare for testing. We advise you the following:

  1. Read the 2022 Marathon materials - so you will not get lost in the test and know which way to approach each task.

  2. Review your plans for Saturday (May 28) and Tuesday (May 31).

  3. Choose the most convenient time: when you are most energetic and productive, no one at home will distract you, and the courier from a post office will not interrupt the flow of your thoughts by ringing the doorbell.

  4. Make sure your Internet connection is stable. Disable all messengers and any other applications with pop-ups.

  5. Do not switch tabs in a browser, do not google, even if you want to. Be honest with other students and us.

  6. Don't waste time on anxiety and panic during the test - if you've checked out the preparation materials and read our articles and resources, there should be nothing to confuse you.

Everything is in your hands. Good luck!