Who we are

Binary Studio Academy is a free, intensive online course held each summer which covers JS and QA technologies for software engineers.

Each spring, we open registration for the following academic season, where we select the strongest applicants and turn them into qualified Junior developers and QA specialists.

What do we do

We help novice developers to deepen and sharpen their existing programming knowledge, driving breakthroughs in their understanding of development theory while guiding them to mastery of modern frameworks and technologies.

Academy students receive experience in working within a team under the same conditions they’ll face out in the real world of commercial software development, which culminates in obtaining a full-stack project for their own professional portfolio.

Our mission

Binary Studio Academy’s mission is to transform talanted and motivated students into qualified engineers capable of building world-class software.


The Academy program came into being thanks to the aspirations of Binary Studio’s own devleopment team and their desire to work with only the best engineers in the country. This is why, despite the program’s constant evolution, the fundamental principles of Academy remain the same.

We strive to create a strong and meaningful community within the IT sphere. Binary Studio Academy exists in order to provide talanted and motivated junior developers practical knowledge and experience.

Binary Studio Academy has been, is, and always will free of charge - it is not a commercial product, but a source of internal innovation for our company.

The mentors, coaches, and organizers all consist of Binary Studio’s own existing staff. They develop the program during their own free time, fueld by their own enthusiasm and volunteer efforts. This means that the Binary Studio Academy team doesn’t receive any sort of financial reward for their participation. Instead, they get something considerably more valuable - an opportunity to develop their leadership skills as well as learn (and use) new technologies. They also get the chance to share their knowledge, and give students practical education, and as a result, engaging work. They’re also motivated to take part in large, common cause, and are inspired by the progress of every student. In this way, Binary Studio Academy is the anchor of our community - come and join us, and you’ll see for yourself!

One interesting fact - 82% of the Binary Studio team are graduates from previous Acadamies over the last 10 years. This means that your teachers, mentors and coaches are all well versed in the Academy program and have a clear understanding of how to make your training as effective as possible.