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Binary Studio Academy

An online intensive course on building web applications

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A two and a half month-long course to transform novice developers into true engineers who are capable of building world-class software.

  • Totally free

  • Practical

  • Online

Academy statistics

  • 13years
  • 40K+applicants
  • 5K+students
  • 400+people joined Binary Studio
  • 20+countries
  • 80%landing a job within first 2 month

How Academy works

  • An intense pace - full support

    2.5 months of full-time work on a real project + feedback from coaches throughout the Academy

  • Practice-Theory-Practice

    Learning on real projects - roadmaps, daily meetings, code reviews, and SCRUM methodology are integral

  • Binary Studio Engagement

    65% of the Binary Studio team is involved in the Academy


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What will you get?

Real project environment

  • teamComposition.group0.title


    Assures project delivery, works on architecture

  • teamComposition.group1.title


    Organizes team, assigns tasks and holds daily meetings

  • teamComposition.group2.title


    Takes/receives tasks, writes code, cooperates with team mates, gets awesome experience

  • teamComposition.group3.title

  • teamComposition.group4.title


    Analyzes requirements, tests, cooperates with developers, gets awesome experience

  • teamComposition.group5.title

    Product Owner

    Reviews product during weekly demo meetings, comes up with additional features to work on

  • teamComposition.group6.title


    Makes project look professional & polished

Academy Timeline

  • How do I get into the Academy

    Selective Rounds
    • Ongoing


      Register for Binary Studio Academy 2024.

    • 1st Qualification Step


      Pass an online test on the basics of programming and English.

    • 2nd Qualification Step

      Complete homework assignments following three video lectures.

  • Binary Studio Academy schedule

    At this point, we will be happy to see you as a BSA student!

    Studies Rounds
    • Lectures

      Master new technologies with the help of 10+ online lectures and homework assignments.

    • Interview

      Meet the Binary Studio Academy team during a 15-minute zoom call.

    • Project

      Collaborate with fellow students to construct an MVP-level web application from the ground up.

    • Demo

      Showcase your project on online demo, receive your certificate, and get the opportunity to join the Binary Studio team.

What our graduates appreciate

  • Binary Studio Academy is a great place to develop and improve your skills. With the help of a powerful lecture base and practical tasks, which are almost identical to real challenges in the field of work, I received the necessary knowledge for a successful start of my career. The project stage gave me the opportunity to identify both my weak and strong points in cooperation with the team, as well as to familiarize myself with the full cycle of developing a full-fledged project.

    Looking back, I can safely say that studying at the Binary Studio Academy was not only a challenging and exciting period, but also played a decisive role in shaping my professional path.
    Anastasiia Chichikgraduate 2023former studentLinkedin
  • Binary Studio Academy was a game-changer in my journey to becoming a qualified developer. Unlike other courses, where only technical knowledge is provided, Binary Studio Academy also offers hands-on experience on a real project with a real team. Working on a real project with daily team calls and discussions made it feel like we were in a real job environment.

    Working on challenging tasks involving diverse tasks such as 3rd party integrations and the development of an MVP in just 6 weeks was one of the key points that taught us about the challenges in a real-world project. Despite having no prior job experience, the collaborative code reviews and supportive environment greatly accelerated my technical growth.
    Farid Shabanovgraduate 2022former studentLinkedin
  • The Academy is a magical combination of development, people, relationships, knowledge and achievements.
    Each new challenge provides an opportunity to learn new things, communicate with like-minded people.
    For me, the Academy opened the door to aspects of the development lifecycle that I didn’t previously understand or even realize existed. This experience is important. It is useful, inspiring, and gives strength to move forward and conquer new goals.

    I want to share a few recommendations that will make the journey more exciting for the next students: be curious, thirst for knowledge, do everything to the maximum for yourself, help others and communicate.
    Volodymyr Palchyngraduate 2023former category managerLinkedin
  • Attending Binary Studio Academy was an amazing experience that really challenged and motivated me. The lectures gave me both theory and practical skills so I could learn about different parts of software development. What was unique about the Academy was that we got to work on real projects with a team. This helped me not only improve my technical skills but also understand the importance of working together, being responsible, and aiming for the same goal. Looking back, the Academy played a significant role in starting my career in the tech industry. It gave me the skills and confidence to succeed in this fast-changing field.
    Veronika Sirakgraduate 2023former Statistics TutorLinkedin
  • Academy was an experience of its own.
    Everyone was very outgoing and willing to help to overcome any obstacle. Having people of different levels within the same team also allowed me to look up at someone more experienced that increased my growth.
    The Academy also provided a valuable understanding of how development pipeline works in big companies and how communication within development teams looks.
    Vladyslav Dobychingraduate 2023former English TeacherLinkedin

A history of Binary Studio Academy

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Questions and Answers

  • How to get into Academy?

    The Academy takes place once a year. Register for the Academy. In order to enter the Academy after registration, you will need to go through a selection process: pass an online test, complete several home assignments and pass an interview with the Academy team representative.

  • Will I receive an offer of employment after I finish Academy?

    We offer the best students an opportunity to join the Binary Studio team remotely. Beyond this, each of our Academy graduates will have enough knowledge and skills to pass a professional interview at any IT company.

  • How much does Academy cost?

    Enrollment and participation in Academy is absolutely free.

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