Binary Studio Academy

An online intensive course on building web applications with JS

A team of top Binary Studio developers will introduce you to modern technologies used in JS development and teach you to create state-of-the-art applications

What will you get

A two and a half month-long course taught by experienced mentors and filled with the most talented junior developers in the country - the ideal conditions for a rapid professional transformation.

  • Full-stack development

    relevant work experience, from backend to frontend, using modern technologies (the latest versions of JS, React, Angular, and Node.js).

  • Regular code reviews

    Support and feedback from mentors - experienced JS developers, which will not let you carelessly name variables or mutate states.

  • A wide range of tasks

    You'll have the opportunity to work with several technologies, from Docker and AWS to mobile application development via React Native.

  • Cooperative work

    You will work alongside a team of the best and brightest students the Ukrainian IT sphere has to offer, using industry standard methodologies such as SCRUM and Agile development, just like you'll find on actual commercial projects.

As it will be

  • Lectures

    JulyWe'll fill you in on the details about your upcoming team project and prepare you with fundamental knowledge in JS frameworks.

    What to expect: on your personal account page, there will be 10-15 video lectures with homework assignments and correspondending deadlines. Seasoned Binary Studio team members will check your assignments, and provide feedback/recommendations.

  • Project

    August - SeptemberWe'll teach you how to build a world-class application.

    What to expect: students will be divided into teams, and with the mentorship of their coach, and will then create an MVP-level project. Coaches will assist on all stages of development, conduct daily calls with the team, and perform retrospectives and reviews.


Examples of projects

Booking platform

A site similar to, this service allows users to filter search results via a variety of different parameters, letting them book hotels or apartments in a given area and leave ratings.

React Native


Oleksandr Kovalov

Oleksandr Kovalov

Alik Rakhmonov

Alik Rakhmonov

Eduard Dolynskyi

Eduard Dolynskyi

Alexandr Tovmach

Alexandr Tovmach

Alyona Rapova

Alyona Rapova

Artem Manukian

Artem Manukian


After the registration you can find materials for preparation and a detailed list of what you need to know for joining Academy on your personal account page. In a nutshell, you'll need the following:

  • Basic knowledge of JS

    For example, you know what closures are, you’re able to distinguish var from let and you’ve heard about promises

  • Basic Programming Experience

    You have experience in working with data (for example, through SQL), understanding of the principles of OOP and / or FP

  • Motivation & time

    You are ready to dedicate 8-12 hours a day from July to mid-September to non-stop training

Registration is over. See you next year!