How can I get into Academy?
    Register on the Academy site. Prepare for the entrance exam. There are links ot useful resources and various information, which will help you get ready for the exam. You can find them in on your personal account page, the Academy site, or in our Telegram channel. Pass the selection stage: pass the online test, complete some homework assignments, and speak with the Binary Studio Academy admissions team.
    What are the requirements to enter Academy?
    Have some base knowledge of JS. Know how to work with databases (for example, with SQL), and understand the principles of OOP and/or FP. Have at least a pre-intermediate level of English. Be able to commit 8+ hours each day to your students from the 6st of July to the 12th of September. Don’t worry - after registration, you’ll receive access to preperation materials on your personal account page.
    If I registered for Academy last year, do I need to register again?
    If you already created a profile on the Binary Studio Academy site, your information is saved in our system. You don’t need to register again - simply declare your education track you’re interested in this year on your personal account page.
    How much does Academy cost?
    Enrollment and participation in Academy is absolutely free.
    What is the language of study?
    During account setup, you can choose which language you’d prefer to operate in: Ukrainian or Russian. Homework, stage descriptions, and all information in your personal profile and entrance test will be displayed accordingly. However, lectures are not translated: some of them are recorded in Ukrainian, while others are in Russian.
    Is there any age limitations on applying to Academy?
    For enrollment into Academy, there are no age limitations, residency requirements, or educational qualifications which need to be met. The only hard requirement is the candidate’s technical competency level.
    How important is my English level when considering my enrollment?
    In 2019, we simplified the requirements of enrollment, removing the English test screening altogether. For participation in Academy, it is enough to a level of English enabling you to read documentation. However, for actual work with English-speaking clients in the IT sphere - a high level of English is a must-have.
    How is the entrance exam structured regarding the different technology tracks?
    The test consists of thirty multiple choice questions based on the following topics: OOP, databases, layouts, and JS.
    What about the QA track - how is that test structured?
    The test consists of thirty multiple choice questions, focusing on your understanding of SDLC, layouts, and a basic understanding of JS.
    Why is the test divided into two days?
    We conduct two sessions of testing, so that each candidate may choose a convenient time. You can only take the test once, on either the 25th or 29th of April, from 10:00 to 00:00.
    Can I take the test twice?
    Over the course of a single Academy admissions session, you may take the test only once and for only one technology track. Duplicate profiles will be deleted from our system. If you do not receive enough points to pass the test, you’ll be able to retake the exam the following year.
    Can I participate in more than one technology track at the same time?
    For enrollment and participation in Academy, it is necessary to commit to a single technology track during the registration phase. The Academy program is extremely intensive, and to participate in more than one track is physically impossible - there are not enough hours in the day. :)
    Can I change my technology track after Academy? How?
    Yes, after registration but before you take the enrollment test, you may change your technology track. To do this, write a request to [email protected] and the organizers will help you out.
    Can I simultaneously go through Academy while working a full-time job?
    To successfully pass the course, you will be required to do an awful lot of work and commit a great deal of time to your studies. Mixing your Academy time with work will be difficult, but it is possible - under the condition that your work will not hinder your commitments to working on your Academy project and completing assignments.
    How many students will be admitted?
    We accept the top 5% of applicants as a result of our screening process, which includes the entrance exam, three homework assignments, and a Zoom interview with representatives of our Academy program.
    What size will the Academy groups be?
    We divide the groups who pass the screening phase based on their chosen technology tracks, and depending on the numbers, you can expect to be in a group with no more than 10 students total.
    What sort of project will I work on in Academy?
    Students will develop state-of-the-art (not an exaggeration!) web platforms with a complex frontend, structured backend, and the use of several cloud services. Although the project will not actually be sold to a client, the development conditions are as close to the real deal as possible. Each project’s team will consist of developers and QA engineers, who will conduct online daily standup meetings. In addition to this, each project will have a Product Owner, who will participate in meetings from time to time and propose new requirements and offer feedback on the platform’s development.
    How much time should I be expected to commit to my Academy studies?
    Throughout July, you will be participating in the theoretical part of your studies. You will participate in 15 lectures, after each of which you’ll be expected to complete a homework assignment. The average homework assignment requires X amount of hours to complete. Over the course of six weeks from August-September, you will work in a team to produce an MVP-level web application. Teams and mentors will convene at a mutually agreed upon time for daily meetings over Zoom/Hangouts/Zoom, while you will work on your tasks at your own pace and schedule. In our experience, you can expect to spend no less than eight hours per day working on the project during this phase of the program.
    Will I receive an offer of employment after I finish Academy?
    We offer the best students an opportunity to join the Binary Studio team remotely. Beyond this, each of our Academy graduates will have enough knowledge and skills to pass a professional interview at any IT company. Although we don’t directly assist in job placement at the conclusion of Academy, we are willing to offer recommendations from our mentors and management team, who will vouch for your technical and professional ability. Plus, your team project will look marvelous in your portfolio. :)