Code of behavior

Code of conduct

  • I will use only one profile to register for the test and participate in the Academy.
  • Tests and homeworks will be done on my own (except for team tasks).
  • I will not distribute the completed solutions and answers to other current or future students.
  • I will not use artificial means to improve my results or damage the results of other students.

Terms of studying

  • You can pass an Academy course only once.
  • Enrollment is only possible if the entrance test results are above a passing level, the three homework assignments are delivered on time, and the final interview is passed. Each student receives a letter with notification about his/her result after each selection stage.
  • All lecture materials, tests and tasks are intellectual property of the Binary Studio Academy, and their distribution is prohibited.
  • The studying is conducted online, so you can choose your own time for watching the lectures. However, we objectively assess the practical tasks by timeliness, quality and independent problem solving parameters. Also, the Academy pays extra attention to the organization of teamwork, so its deliberate abuse or Code of honour neglect will lead to the exclusion from the Academy.
  • By decision of the Academy, a student can be excluded from the learning process at any time without explanation.
  • A student who fulfills the requirements of the project will receive a certificate of acquired skills.