Founding Team

Founder of Binary Studio Academy.
Artem Goncharov,
Founder of Binary Studio Academy

Artem Goncharov, the visionary founder of Binary Studio Academy, is transforming the tech education landscape in Eastern Europe. With a strong belief in practical learning and a commitment to fostering a new generation of engineering talent, Artem has created an intensive program that bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application.

Artem’s journey in the tech industry began with a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Donetsk National University. He later expanded his expertise with an MBA from the prestigious Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, where he honed his entrepreneurial skills and strategic thinking.

Recognizing the gaps in traditional tech hiring practices, Artem founded Binary Studio Academy to cultivate talented students into skilled software engineers and tech leaders. The Academy’s intensive 3-month program transforms top-tier Computer Science and Engineering university students into job-ready software developers by simulating a real-world development environment and focusing on hands-on experience. It takes place twice a year and trains engineers and QA specialists.

The Academy’s curriculum emphasizes both hard skills and soft skills. Students are expected to write high-quality code, demonstrate a solid understanding of their chosen technology stack, and showcase their ability to support and extend existing applications. The program also places a strong emphasis on communication skills, proactivity, ownership, and an entrepreneurial spirit, encouraging students to actively participate in stand-ups, present their work results logically and concisely, and take full responsibility for their tasks from start to finish.

Under Artem’s leadership, Binary Studio Academy has become increasingly popular, attracting thousands of applicants each year. In 2023, the Academy reached an impressive milestone of 15,000 applications, with only the most talented and dedicated students making it through the rigorous selection process.