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An online intensive course on QA

Experienced QA engineers at Binary Studio will help you to master key testing techniques, understand the role of testing in the development process, and introduce you to current trends

  • 2.5 month
  • Totally free
  • Online
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Start off your career in QA the right way

You’ll work in a team of talanted engineers and experienced Binary Studio veterans over a two and a half month corse, where you’ll fulfill the crucial role of QA while building world-class software.

  • Practical Challenges

    Sharpen your skills in test design while applying maximum effective QA methodologies on a real project.

  • Automated Testing

    Learn to use Postman tool for API exploratory testing. Practice creating auto tests in own framework.

  • Professional support

    Under the careful guidance of experienced QA engineers, you’ll receive a deep understand of the role of QA on commercial products.

  • Realistic conditions

    Get real experience by operating in a SCRUM team, tasked to develop a complex application.

  • Certificate of completion

    Binary Studio Academy’s Certificate of Completion will testify to your successful graduation from one of the most competitive software development schools in Ukraine.

  • Job offer from Binary Studio

    The best graduates will be offered to join the Binary Studio team remotely.

What the QA course consists of

  • Lectures

    You will fill in the gaps and get all the necessary basis for further work on the project.

    On your personal account page, there will be 10-15 video lectures with homework assignments and correspondending deadlines. Seasoned Binary Studio team members will check your assignments, and provide feedback/recommendations.

  • Project

    We’ll teach you how to build a world-class application.

    Students will be divided into teams, and with the mentorship of their coaches will create an MVP-level project. Coaches will assist on all stages of development, conduct daily calls with the team, and perform retrospectives and reviews.

  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • React
  • Express.js
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL

Examples of projects


Want to master QA?

We’ll be waiting for you in Binary Studio Academy 2023.