Binary Studio Academy

Advanced online course focusing on the finer points of QA

Experienced QA engineers at Binary Studio will help you to master key testing techniques, understand the role of testing in the development process, and introduce you to current trends

2.5 month Totally freeOnline

Start off your career in QA the right way

A two and a half month-long course taught by experienced mentors and filled with the most talented junior developers in the country - the ideal conditions for a rapid professional transformation.

  • Practical Challenges

    Sharpen your skills in test design while applying maximum effective QA methodologies on a real project

  • Automated Testing

    Become familiar with tools such as WebdriverIO, Mocha / Jasmine, and utilize automated Design Patterns in JS / TS.

  • Professional support

    Under the careful guidance of experienced QA engineers, you'll receive a deep understand of the role of QA on commercial products.

  • Realistic conditions

    Get real experience by operating in a SCRUM team, tasked to develop a complex application

  • Certificate of completion

    Binary Studio Academy's Certificate of Completion will testify to your successful graduation from one of the most competitive software development schools in Ukraine.

  • Job offer from Binary Studio

    The best graduates will be offered to join the Binary Studio team in Kyiv, Lviv or Kharkiv

Examples of projects

Restaurant advisor and review platform

This application is essentially a trimmed-down version of Foursquare - using the platform, a person can view a variety of local restaurants and eaters, sorting them based on ratings and assigned filters, and allowing users to leave a review of the places they visited.

React Native


Andrii Karun

Andrii Karun

Viktor Tolkushyn

Viktor Tolkushyn


After the registration you can find materials for preparation and a detailed list of what you need to know for joining Academy on your personal account page. In a nutshell, you'll need the following:

  • You should have a basic understanding of testing practices - the different methodologies used, and familiarity with concepts such as bugs, test cases, and prioritization
  • A fundamental knowledge of test-driven design and tools
  • Some knowledge in web development, specifically HTML, CSS

Sounds interesting?
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