Binary Studio Academy

Advanced online course on building web applications with Java

Master modern Java technologies and learn to create complex applications under the mentorship of leading Binary Studio developers

2.5 monthFull-stack experienceTotally freeOnline

What you will get

A two and a half month-long course taught by experienced mentors and filled with the most talented junior developers in the country - the ideal conditions for a rapid professional transformation.

  • Distributed systems development experience

    You will learn how to create microservices using the latest technology stack: Spring Boot, Kotlin / Java, React / Redux, Docker, AWS

  • Wide range of technical skills

    You will learn how to describe APIs, design domain model, process data asynchronously, use message queues, develop a user-friendly and responsive web client interface

  • Regular and constructive feedback

    Developers of Binary Studio will make sure that you think over each line of code in accordance with Java SE standards

  • Comprehensive training

    You'll be working within a team utilizing all the industry standard SCRUM and Agile practices which you'll find in a real commercial enterprise, giving you a real taste of what it's like to work in a first-rate development firm while building upon your professional and technical skills.

  • Certificate of completion

    Binary Studio Academy's Certificate of Completion will testify to your successful graduation from one of the most competitive software development schools in Ukraine.

  • Job offer from Binary Studio

    The best graduates will be offered to join the Binary Studio team in Kyiv, Lviv or Kharkiv

What the Java course consists of

  • Lectures

    JulyYou will fill in the gaps and get all the necessary basis for further work on the project.

    10-15 video lectures, along with home tasks and deadlines, will be available in your online account. Mentors (who are actually Binary Studio’s senior developers), will be checking tasks, giving feedback and recommendations.

  • Project

    August - SeptemberYou will learn to engineer complex world-class Java-based applications.

    Students will be divided into teams, and with the mentorship of their coach, and will then create an MVP-level project. Coaches will assist on all stages of development, conduct daily calls with the team, and perform retrospectives and reviews.

Examples of projects

Web service for collective software development

Depot is a web-based version control repository hosting service, for source code and development projects that uses Git revision control system, in other words it is fully-functional GitHub analogue.

Spring Boot


Maksym Honcharuck

Maksym Honcharuck

Kyrylo Lesohorskyi

Kyrylo Lesohorskyi

Myroslav Dmytrus

Myroslav Dmytrus


After the registration you can find materials for preparation and a detailed list of what you need to know for joining Academy on your personal account page. In a nutshell, you'll need the following:

  • Basic knowledge of Java

    For example, you know the difference between stack and heap, understand where to use Set and Map, and have heared of Stream API and pipelines

  • Basic programming experience

    You have experience working with data (for example, through SQL), understanding of the principles of OOP and / or FP

  • Motivation & time

    You are ready to dedicate 8-12 hours a day from July to mid-September to non-stop training

Sounds interesting?
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