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How can I get into Academy?

What are the requirements to enter Academy?

If I registered for Academy last year, do I need to register again?

How much does Academy cost?

What is the language of study?

Is there any age limitations on applying to Academy?

How important is my English level when considering my enrollment?

How is the entrance exam structured regarding the different technology tracks?

What about the QA track - how is that test structured?

Why is the test divided into two days?

Can I take the test twice?

Can I participate in more than one technology track at the same time?

Can I change my technology track after Academy? How?

Can I simultaneously go through Academy while working a full-time job?

How many students will be admitted?

What size will the Academy groups be?

What sort of project will I work on in Academy?

How much time should I be expected to commit to my Academy studies?

Will I receive an offer of employment after I finish Academy?